The most popular part of my website, the Forex Broker Comparison, allows readers to find a forex broker meeting their very specific needs. For example, you can search for a broker that is regulated, offers MetaTrader 4, and accepts credit cards – or anything else your trader’s heart craves for.

The page has gone through several improvements this week. The fully interactive interface is now even more user-friendly. I also added two new criteria that you can use in your search: a forex broker type and the country of registration. How do they work? You can filter your results to include only ECN brokers (who have generally better spreads and are more reliable than market makers). You can also restrict your search to a particular region, such as the European Union, Switzerland or the United States. Overall, you can now use 65 different criteria (or any combination of them) to find a forex broker that fits your needs perfectly. If you want me to add any other criterion, please leave me a comment.

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