Although they do not exactly advertise it, a major European forex broker is now offering a selected group of new clients a 100% cash back rebate from forex trading. This rebate is 10 times higher than the official forex rebate advertised on the broker’s website. I do not know for how long time this advantageous experiment will last. If you are interested, you can find a link to the 100% cash back rebate inside this article.

FOREXYARD is a major forex broker registered in the European Union. In addition to foreign currencies, they also offer gold and oil trading. More information can be found in my Forexyard review.

Normally, Forexyard gives only a 10% cashback, and only to the deposits of $1,000 or more. But a selected group of new clients is apparently offered a ten times higher 100% forex rebate, up to 300 USD. It means that if you invest $300 of your own capital, Forexyard will give you (not lend you, really give you) other $300. What is even better, you can deposit as little as $100 to get this cash back. Moreover, you do not need to create a standard forex account right away. It seems you are free to test Forexyard’s forex trading platform using a demo account first. If you register on the page linked below, the 100% cash back rebate should wait for you until you are ready to trade live. There is no coupon or code needed for this forex rebate. Just make sure you use the correct registration page linked below.

If you want to take advantage of this unprecedented rebate, you should perhaps act quickly. I doubt it will last for too long in the current economic situation. So, here is Forexyard’s “inner” page, on which you can claim the 100% cash back rebate. Enjoy!

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