Several weeks ago, I decided to fully automatize my scalping strategy. Since my broker did not offer free automated forex trading, I started to look for a new broker. I knew exactly what I wanted: a regulated forex broker offering free automated trading, with the spread on EUR/USD lower than 2 pips, the leverage of at least 100:1, and a minimum deposit under $10,000. Believe me or not, the only way to find a forex broker meeting these simple criteria was to browse through dozens of websites and to make my own spreadsheet that would compare different offers. Although I saw many simple and outdated lists of borkers, there was no website that would allow me to choose a forex broker based on my own particular needs. I felt something was wrong. That was the moment when I came up with an idea to create what later became the Forex Learning Site.

The Forex Learning Site has just been launched at It is conceived as an educational resource for forex traders. Its core application is a comprehensive database of forex brokers, which provides detailed information about 26 major forex brokers. You can compare them using some popular pre-defined criteria, such as spread, leverage, and minimum deposit. But since this rich database is fully interactive, you can also easily find a broker meeting your own criteria. Do you need a broker, whose platform allows hedging and whose trading accounts can be held in AUD? Why not? With the interactive comparison of forex brokers, your ideal broker is just few clicks away.

Another potentially valuable part of the Forex Learning Site isĀ  a structured list of recommended forex books. You can browse them by topic, read their reviews, and even order them from Amazon. Unlike many forex books advertised on the Internet, these were published by reputable publishers. I plan to review some of these great books here, on my blog.

Finally, the Forex Learning Site also offers three free tutorials: an introduction to forex trading, an overview of forex strategies and forex systems, and a tutorial about how to choose a forex broker. I hope they will be useful to those readers, who are new to forex trading and do not really know what to look for while choosing a forex broker.

If there is any other information you would like to know about forex trading and cannot find on the web, feel free to suggest it in your comments.

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